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How to make a simple planter box

NOTE: For an updated version including ft and inch dimensions Click here

This planter box is both a simple and inexpensive project to undertake. It is constructed solely of ex 100 x 50 gauged tanalized radiata (finished, dressed or gauged size is actually 94 x 46). The longest length of timber required is less than 500mm.

In this page
bulletPlanter box schematic
bulletAbout the timber
bulletThe plans
bulletThe material and cutting list
bulletThe instructions

Planter Box Schematic
schematic of a planterbox

About the timber The 94 x 46 gauged tanalized timber used for this project is readily available at any timber merchants. Rough sawn tanalized timber can also be used if a more rustic look is required. Rough sawn (commonly called 'sawn') timber is less expensive than gauged or dressed timber. If sawn timber is your preference, make allowance for the size difference (width and thickness), for example, sawn timber would be 100mm x 50mm, compared to gauged timber 94mm x 46mm.

The Plans

The Material and cutting list
(a) 94x46 gauged tanalized pine 2 @ 282mm Bottom runners
(b) 94x46 gauged tanalized pine 3 @ 282mm Base
(c) 94x46 gauged tanalized pine 6 @ 360mm Side walls
(d) 94x46 gauged tanalized pine 8 @ 360mm Front walls
(e) 94x46 gauged tanalized pine 4 @ 470mm (mitre cut each end) Capping

The Instructions
Step one Pre-cut all the timber to the lengths as stated in the cutting list above.
Step two Make up the 2 front walls (d) and the 2 side walls (c) as shown in diagram
Step three Nail the 2 front walls (d) to the two side walls (c).
Step four Make up the floor by nailing the base pieces (b) to the runners (a) and insert the floor into the bottom part of the front and side walls so that the runners are protruding 20mm below the walls. Fix by nailing through the front and side walls into the base.
Step five Nail the capping (e) to the top of the front (d) and side (c) walls

All done.

Materials and quantities

94x46 gauged tanalized pine 9m
Nails 500gm 90mm galv flatheads   (you wont need this many nails, but in most suppliers 500gms is usually the smallest pkt available)

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User comments
Well since this was my first real attempt at building anything, I have to say I made a good choice. It came out almost perfect (apart from the odd gap here or there). This is a good project for first timers wanting to get into the whole building thing.   Graig Ross

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