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porch swing seat project

How to make a Porch Swing Seat
bullet Page one: Introduction - Materials and Cutting List
bullet Page two: Instructions - The Frame
bullet Page three: Instructions - Slats, Arm Rest and Chain
bullet Page four: Instructions - Supporting the Swing
bullet Appendage 1: Safety concern addressed
bullet Appendage 2: Close-up Sectional photos
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bullet How to make a support frame
for the swing seat

The Instructions

porch swing side frames Make up the two end frames.
Cut the members (a), (b), (d), (e), (f), (h), and (i) to the dimensions as shown in the lumber list in the previous page.
Make up the two end frames using the drawings below as a guide. Note that the inner seat frame ends (b) are a different width than the outer seat frame ends (a) by 20mm (3/4") which is the thickness of the seat slats.
First nail and then bolt the horizontal members (a), (b), (f) to the vertical members (d) and (e) with 10mm (3/8") coach (carriage) bolts. The spacers (h) and (i) can be fixed with screws.

porch swing seat plan
Make up the seat frame.
Cut the members (c) and (j) to the dimensions as shown in the lumber list in the previous page.
Nail the front and rear seat frame members(j) to the seat frame end members (a) and (b). Nail in place the two seat frame intermediate members (c) ensuring that they are 20mm (3/4") below the top edge of the front and rear seat frame members (j).
porch swing seat frame porchswing section plan
The back slat support.
Cut member (k) to the dimension as shown in the lumber list in the previous page.
Round each end. You can use a dinner plate, paint tin or any other circular object as a template to draw a curve.
Bolt the back slat support (k) to the two rear vertical arm supports (e).
porch swing back frame
Fix the seat slats in place.
Place the seat slats in place spread evenly within the seat frame. Members (n) and (m) will need to be checked (cut) out at each end to allow for the chain cavity and vertical arm supports (d) and (e). (See diagram).
Screw the seat slats to the seat frame members (b) and (c). Pre-drill screw holes in the slats slightly bigger that the screw shank.
porch swing fixing the seat slats
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