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porch swing seat project

How to make a Porch Swing Seat
bullet Page one: Introduction - Materials and Cutting List
bullet Page two: Instructions - The Frame
bullet Page three: Instructions - Slats, Arm Rest and Chain
bullet Page four: Instructions - Supporting the Swing
bullet Appendage 1: Safety concern addressed
bullet Appendage 2: Close-up Sectional photos
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bullet How to make a support frame
for the swing seat

The Instructions

Fix the back slats in place and mark for cutting.

porch swing fixing the slats porch swing shaping the back
  Temporarily nail a straight edge to the bottom half of the rear seat frame (j) so the back slats will have something to sit on while they are being fixed in place. Spread the back slats (p) out evenly between the two end frames and fix to the back slat support (k) and the rear seat frame member (j) with screws. Pre-drill screw holes first through the back slats.
When the back slats are fixed in place, you can draw a pattern of your choice at the top of the back slats. Cut with a jig-saw if the pattern has curved lines or a handsaw will do if the pattern only consists of straight lines.

Fit the arm rest.
Cut the arm rest (g) to fit around the rear vertical arm support (e) and fix with screws to the horizontal arm supports (f).
Make holes in the appropriate places for the chain cavities.
porch swing fitting the arm rests

porch swing threading the chain Thread the chain.
Thread the chain through the holes in the arm rests down through the cavities at the bottom of the end frames and back up.
The holes and cavities should be big enough so that the chain can be pulled through freely.
When the seat is held off the ground by the chains (more about that next page), the seat angle can be easily adjusted and locked in place by inserting a "chain stop" through one of the chain link holes just above the front arm rest (g) hole. A "chain stop" can be a small bolt, piece of rod or anything that can fit through a chain link hole and stop the chain from slipping around the end frames.
When you want to re-adjust the seat angle, simply take out the "chain stop", adjust the angle and lock in place again by putting the "chain stop" back.

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