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porch swing seat project

How to make a Porch Swing Seat
bullet Page one: Introduction - Materials and Cutting List
bullet Page two: Instructions - The Frame
bullet Page three: Instructions - Slats, Arm Rest and Chain
bullet Page four: Instructions - Supporting the Swing
bullet Appendage 1: Safety concern addressed
bullet Appendage 2: Close-up Sectional photos
Related topics:
bullet How to make a support frame
for the swing seat

The Instructions

Supporting the swing.
Hang the swing so the seat is approx 400 (16") off the ground. The builder is responsible for ensuring that swing is supported adequately to take the weight of the swing as well as the people that might occupy it.
Have fun!

porch swing seat
Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

Note: This page is no longer updated. All subsequent entries can be seen here www.buildeazy.com/benchswing-comments.php.

User comments

Hi Buildeazy, Thank you for the free plans downloaded from your web site. This enabled me to construct the swing seat (photo attached) for my wife and 4 day old great grandson... more and photo >>
Richard/ Isobel Saunders and great grandson Thomas More.

Fantastic plans, thanks. We don't have a porch to swing from so I made a pergola instead. I decided to use rope instead of chains more and photo >>
Rog' and Alex (UK)

Hi, I made this 1 from your plans and I think its brilliant. All made from tanalised wood more and photo >>
Chyanne Barrasin Cornwall. UK

My husband and I built this swing in one afternoon.
The swing is built with treated lumber and we made it wider and deeper and arms are 3" higher, we also used 6" fence boards for the seat and back.   more and photos >>

Absolutely loved to build my own swing, the experience is great. I'll definitely look for my next project here. I customized mine with a some brown dye and my routered signature. Looks great on the balcony.
Fabio Segura   Sacramento - Costa Rica   See picture

I built my swing out of Bois D Arc and Red Cedar. I modified some of the dimensions based on comments posted. Arm rests are higher and seat is wider and a little deeper......
Came out perfect..... watched the sunset tonight in it...
Edwin Lynch   See picture

I used the plans on your site for this porch swing but added length and depth to the seat. I should have added 3 inches height to the arm rest. Overall it turned out great and was fun to make.
Janet Scruggs   See picture

Hello Buildeazy,
This was actually the first time that I have actually made a work project. I had a rough start as I was getting used to what type of wood to pick out and how the final layout was going to turn out, but both my wife and I were very happy with the results. The plans were easy to follow and I will continue to use your site for more new ideas. The new swing bench looks great in our front porch. Thanks. Rafael Rivera   See picture

Hi there, here is a pic of another realized project from your great site,(I'm sure it wont be the last)!!!
It is a great shady place to relax and enjoy a nice and cool Bavarian Beer on a hot summers day. Thanx
Alex & Stefan
Walchsing, Bavaria   See picture

Hi, I just finished the swing plan and are using it. I had already had a swing which I designed some twenty years ago and this one is very interesting in it's look and design. Much nicer that mine was. My wife, who the swing was for has commented that she preferred my version of the swing for the following reasons. I had sides with higher supports which allowed her to turn on the swing with her back to the side. The other thing was that the chain connecting the swing back is in the way and interferes with the arm rest. So now she wants me to modify the design to remedy these items. The armrest could be 4 to 6 inches higher to make it more comfortable when sitting. The chain in the back is not a problem, I will simply attach it to the back support.
Other than these two minor items, I think it is a great design and easy to build.

I just finished building this swing as a surprise birthday present for my fiance. I want to complement the Les Kenny for having made terrific plans to follow. This was my first wood shop project and it turned out great. I searched many sites for plans for a swing and this was by far the best.
   Thanks again, CJ

Thank you for the plans, the project went very smooth. I chose to go on the cheap and I used what wood I had around, namely, spruce 2x10's and 1 x 4's. The kids painted it with Tremclad White. Looks great.
Gord B. Princeton BC Canada

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