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porch swing seat project

How to make a Porch Swing Seat
bullet Page one: Introduction - Materials and Cutting List
bullet Page two: Instructions - The Frame
bullet Page three: Instructions - Slats, Arm Rest and Chain
bullet Page four: Instructions - Supporting the Swing
bullet Appendage 1: Safety concern addressed
bullet Appendage 2: Close-up Sectional photos
Related topics:
bullet How to make a support frame
for the swing seat

Appendage 2: Six years down the track
and some helpful close-up Sectional photos
porch swing six years old

This page takes a look at the swing seat some six years after it was first made (Doesn't time just fly), and shows a few close-up sectional photos.

The photo to the right shows the same swing seat that is in the photo at the top of the page, only six years later.

The swing seat has stood the test of time and has not needed any maintenance whatsoever. The seat has been (and still is) used on a daily basis.
It is by far our most popular piece of garden furniture.

Click on a picture below to enlarge it and see more clearly how things work.
swing seat back view
swing seat inside arm view
swing seat outside arm view
swing seat under front view
swing seat under side view
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