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How to make a Sawhorse

Step 5: Mark the sawhorse beam for notching

prepare the sawhorse top

You will need to make four notches into the sawhorse beam to house the top of the legs.

Refer the pictures on the right to help clarify the instructions.

Measure 5" (125mm) in from each end a, to point b, and then mark a 14° angle line outwards across the edge. See fig.1.

Do the same to both ends on both sides (four in all).

Next mark the width of the 'cut-out' area which will be the same width as a leg.

Use a leg as a template. Hold a leg against one of the angle lines at point b and with a pencil, mark along the opposite edge of the leg. See fig.2.

Mark the depth of the 'cut-out', which will be 3/4" (20mm) down. See line c in fig.3.

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Step 6: Notch the beam to house the legs

rebate the sawhorse top to take the legs

Make multiple saw cuts across the 'cut-out' area down to the depth line which is 3/4" (20mm) down.

Three or four cuts across each cutting area should be enough for straight grain wood, but if the wood is a bit knotty then make more cuts.

The more cuts you do, the easier it will be to clean out the notch with a chisel.

Next lay the sawhorse beam on its flat and commence chiseling along the depth line.

Do not go too deep initially.

Chisel in a little bit one side, then turn the beam over and chisel in a little bit on the other side.
Turn the beam over again and chisel a bit deeper and so on and so on, until the chips of wood fall out and the 'cut-out' area is clean.

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