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Storage Shed Project

storage shed
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How to build an 8'x10' Storage Shed

Author: Les Kenny
Page Contents
1: Introduction - disclaimer
2: About the measurements
3: Materials list
4: Plans - floor, roof and stud layout
5: Plans - front elevation and roof section
6: The floor and wall frames
7: Standing the frames and the roof beam
8:   The roof frame and the sheathing  you are on this page
9:   The roof trim and roof cover
10: The vertical boards and battens
11: Making the door
12: Installing the door
13: Nailing and fastening information
14: Glossary of terms
bullet User Photos/Comments

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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

6. The Roof Rafters the shed roof rafters in place

Cut the remaining eight intermediate rafters (see 'Rafter Detail' drawing) and fix in place, four each side. Spacings are shown in 'The Roof Plan'.
See the 'Nailing and Fastening Information' page for fixing instructions.

7. Roof Blocking

Measure and cut four rows of blocking to fit between the rafters. Place the rows each side of the side wall's top plates (see Picture). This is so the exterior Boards and Battens will have a straight edge at the top to butt up to.

the shed roof rafter blocking the shed roof sheathing

8. Roof Sheathing the shed roof rafters in place

Cover the roof with 12mm (1/2) inch plywood. Run the sheets from the apex to the ends of the rafters. The sheets will need cutting.
All joins must be over a rafter or under a purlin.

9. The Purlins

Nail three rows of purlins to each side of the roof, overhanging each end by 25mm (1").
Fix the top row about 75mm (3") down from the apex (this measurement will depend upon the width of the ridge capping, as the ridge capping is nailed to the top purlin), the bottom row flush to the ends of the rafters and another row in the middle.
Nail the lower end of the roof sheathing (from the underside) up into the bottom of the purlin.