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How to build a wooden wishing well


wishing well plans

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What you will need

Note: All lumber should be pressure-treated or suitable for exterior use.

• 12 meters (40ft) of 100mm x 25mm (1x4) board;
• 5 meters (17ft) of 150mm x 25mm (1x6) board;
• 1 meter (39") of 25mm x 25mm (1x1) wood;
• 4 meters (13.5ft) of 30mm (1 1/4") galvanized metal strap;
• 26 exterior type 50mm (2") long screws;
• 16 exterior type 75mm (3") long screws for the roof boards;
• two 10mm (3/8") galvanized bolts 60mm (2 1/2") long, and
• around 70 of 25mm (1") galvanized flathead nails.

Alternatives: The 150mm x 25mm (1x6) board for the roof can be replaced with 100mm x 25mm (1x4) board. If so, make adjustments when working out the lumber quantities.
Also, the roof boards do not have to overlap, as shown in the plan - they can be butted up (made flush) to each other. It really boils down to taste.

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