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How to make a Sawhorse
wood workers sawhorse
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to build a Sawhorse Video  |  Español
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Materials list
arrow Page two: The angles and the legs
bullet Page three: The sawhorse top
bullet Page four: Final assembly and braces   -   User Comments/Photos

Step 1: Cut all the pieces to rough length

Acquire or cut all the pieces to the lengths given in the materials list on page one.

The pieces will require further cutting and you will need to work with two angles: 14° and 20°.

Below explains how to find both a 14° and a 20° angle.

how to find the angle cuts when making a sawhorse Step 2: Finding the angles

Make an angle template by marking the required angles on a work tabletop or square panel.

To find a 20° angle, measure 1 unit across and 2 3/4 units down (as per diagram).

Note: A unit can be any measurement. For example: if you make each unit 4 inches, then measure four inches (1 unit) across and 11 inches (2 3/4 units) down to make a 20° angle.

To find a 14° angle, measure 1 unit across and 4 units down (as per diagram).

Note: Once again a unit can be anything. If your unit is four inches, it would be 4 inches (1 unit) across and 16 inches (4 units) down to make a 14° angle.

You have now made a template for a 14° angle and a 20° angle.
Set the bevel gauge to the required angle when needed.

mark and cut the tops of the sawhorse legs Step 3: Mark and cut the tops of the legs

Clamp one of the legs on its edge to a sawhorse and commence to mark the angle cut at the top of the leg.

Measure 1" (25mm) across and 2 3/4" (68mm) down. (See diagram.)

Square down off each end of the line to complete the cutting line. (See picture.)

Cut along the cutting line with a handsaw.

Do the same to the other three legs.

measure down the sawhorse leg to mark for the angle cut Step 4: Mark and cut the bottoms of the legs

Lay a pair of legs back to back on a sawhorse, i.e. in mirror fashion. (See picture.)

Measure 25 1/2" (637mm) along the top of the legs from point a and make a mark which will be point b. See the drawing below.

From point b, use a bevel gauge to mark a 20° cut line inwards across the edge of both pieces and to mark a 14° cut line inwards across the face of both pieces.
angle cut the bottom of the sawhorse legs
cut the bottom of the sawstool leg Then clamp one of the pieces to a sawhorse and cut along the lines with a handsaw. See picture.

The cut is a 'compound bevel cut' which means that you are cutting a bevel cut across the width as well as the thickness of the wood.

Do all four legs the same.

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