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Cut to length and glue and screw two 75mm x 25mm (1″ x 3″) battens to the slats at each side of the door. Screw in a zig-zag pattern as shown in fig.3.
Cut to length and glue and screw the middle horizontal rail in place between the two side vertical battens.
The height placement is just personal preference, although middle rails are usually placed within the top half of the door. See fig.4.
It is now just a matter of cutting to length, gluing and screwing the intermediate 75mm x 25mm (1″ x 3″) battens to the door slats covering all of the joins. See fig.5.

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  1. I really needed a shed and decided to build it myself and thanks to your plans I was able to accomplish this project. I made some modifications and did make some mistakes but over all I am really please at the outcome. By the way this was my first attempt at building anything. I think I will try some of your other projects.

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