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How to build a Bench Swing


The bench swing

bench swing new and old

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Authors note, eleven years down the track

I first made this bench swing back in 2003 and the project was subsequently published on the BuildEazy website on 21st Dec 2003.

The bench swing has stood the test of time, and been one of my most popular home building projects; barely a day has gone by without someone making use of it. It has rocked grandkids as they have grown from babies to almost-teenagers.

Observation of over-exuberant kids playing, climbing, and standing on the seat, has exposed a safety concern: a kid can stand on the seat, lean over the backrest, and tip the unit over. We've addressed this concern by providing a "fix" at the end of these instructions.
Normal use of this bench swing poses no risk.

The tilt is adjustable

This bench swing can be titled to suit your mood, and locked in position.

It can be adjusted to give varying degrees of comfort depending on whether or not you want to sit up straight or rest back a little.
As with other Buildeazy projects, it designed with the home handyman or DIYer in mind. All joins are secured with bolts and/or screws and nails. Because of this, the project only requires the most basic of tools to undertake a professional job.

The size of it

plan drawing of a bench swing

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