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How to make a concrete bench

A concrete garden bench

concrete garden bench

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Concrete furniture for the garden certainly takes a lot of beating.
It pretty much fits in with any type of landscape design. This concrete bench is a little beaut. It is easy to make and inexpensive. In fact, most of the work and cost is in the making of the form (mold), however you only need to make the form once in order to make as many seats as you like.
Once you are set up and have made one bench, chances are you're bound to make another.
And of course, a concrete bench is going to last a long, long time.

This concrete bench is 32" (800mm) long, 14" (350mm) wide, and stands 14" (350mm) high.
It is reinforced with wire mesh and weighs around 117 lb (53 kg). It's not going to blow away.

concrete seat in the garden

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There is more expense and time in the making of the form (mold) for the concrete bench, than in making the actual concrete bench itself, however you only need to make the form once in order to make multiple benches.

Maybe make a few to sell!

It makes good economical sense to make more than one bench after taking the trouble to make the form.

Not including the form, the cost of making each bench is inexpensive in relation to a similar type of bench made from wood.

You basically only need a wheelbarrow of concrete mix, some reinforcing mesh, and some release agent, all of which can be obtained quite cheaply - and even more so in bulk. Each bench takes but a couple of hours to make and gets easier with practice.

Maybe there could be a couple of bucks in making and selling the odd bench or two....just a thought.

This project is in four parts

Part 1. Making the form (mold)

Part 2. Preparing the reinforcing mesh

Part 3. Making the concrete

Part 4. Casting the concrete

The four parts will guide you step-by-step through all the stages of making the form (mold), preparing the reinforcing, making the release agent, applying the release agent, making the concrete, pouring the concrete, settling the concrete, removing the form, and cleaning-up.

There is also a page giving easier options, albeit for a less exciting bench.

Note about the measurements
Dimensions given throughout this project are in both imperial (inches) and metric (mm). The imperial measurements are given first, followed by the metric measurements in brackets ( ). For example: 2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm).

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