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How to build a Deck with Handrail and Steps
Page 1: Contents
Page 2: The plans
Page 3: Constructing the deck
Page 4: Constructing the handrail
Page 5: Constructing the steps
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This deck, handrail and steps project required a building permit. This tutorial covers aspects of the project's construction, along with some of the plans that were submitted to the authority when applying for building permission.

deck before    deck after

Prelude to the construction
The owners wanted a hardwood deck coming out from their back door with spreading steps down to the yard.
The plans and building consent  
The plans were drawn up by the builder. This page shows some of the plans that were submitted for a building permit.
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deck plans
Constructing the deck  
This page shows and explains the construction of the deck.
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deck construction
Constructing the handrail  
Handrails on decks are governed by certain criteria. This page gives construction details.
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deck handrail
Constructing the steps  
The steps on this deck are not standard steps, but more a feature. Steps also are governed by a certain criteria.
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deck steps

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