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How to build a gazebo [Table of contents below]

Mixing Concrete & Standing Posts

Mixing the concrete

In a wheelbarrow or concrete mixer, make a mix consisting of 5 parts gravel and sand mix, to one part cement.
Pour in clean water and mix to a uniform consistency with a spade or shovel. The mix should be stiff enough to hold up the posts without bracing props yet wet enough to work around the posts.

Standing up the posts

gazebo footing detail

This will take two people. One to hold the post and one to shovel the concrete into the hole.
First shovel some concrete into the hole so there is at least a 3" concrete base under the bottom end of the post. Place a post into the hole so it sits against the end of the template board (fig 3) and ensure post is plumb or vertical by way of holding a spirit level against two adjacent sides of the post.

Fill the hole with concrete and check again that the posts are plumb. Because of the depth of the hole and the stiffness of the concrete, the post will stay up by itself. Of course you will need a calm day! Repeat this procedure until all posts are in concrete, in place and standing plumb/vertical. Check again an hour later.

Well, that's all you can do today so you may as well go inside and watch your favorite sport on TV.


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