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How to build a gazebo [Table of contents below]

The Roof Rafters and Hub

gazebo rafter template

Take 8 lengths of 2x4 sawn treated pine lumber approx 74" long, from which the rafters will be cut.
Cut one piece to the dimensions of the diagram above and then use that piece as a template to mark and cut the other seven.

gazebo rafter layout

Once all rafters are cut, you will need someone to give you a hand to assemble them.
Start by nailing two opposing rafters to the hub whilst laying them flat on the ground.
Nail with 4" galvanized nails and drill first if necessary.
Place a scaffold plank (approx 9ft or longer) on top of the gazebo beams and spanning the gazebo close to the center.
One person will need to be up on the scaffold plank and the other to pass up the two opposing rafters nailed to the hub.
While the person on the scaffold plank balances the first two opposing rafters, the other can fix the birds-mouth (see drawing above) end of the rafters to the beam, central over the post.
Once the rafter is nailed in place, attach an angle clip for added strength on top of the beam and against the rafter (one each side) and fix with 2" galvanized (flathead) nails.
The next rafter can then be put into place followed by an opposing rafter, and so on until all eight are in place and firmly fixed.


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