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How to build a lean-to glasshouse

A lean-to relocatable glasshouse
A lean-to relocatable glasshouse

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This glasshouse was constructed with minimal tools. The complete frame was cut out using just a circular power saw, as were all the rebates, trenches, and chamfers.

I designed and built this glasshouse while on a visit to London in June, 2013.

My mind was set on building a lean-to type.

Most lean-to glasshouses are attached to another building by some means or another.

However, in this case, an attached or fixed glasshouse would have required permits and permissions all of which would have taken time.

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My limited time in England made it almost impossible to get the necessary permits and permissions required to build such a structure.
I was therefore confined to designing and constructing a stand-alone, relocatable, lean-to glasshouse which would also have to be under a certain size to avoid contravening any local building law.

Of course different places have different rules and regulations so it is a good idea to find out from your local authority exactly what you are and are not allowed to do.

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