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How to build a lean-to glasshouse

Step 2. Make up the high (left side) wall

Make up the high (left side) wall according to the plan on the previous page.

The frame is 50mm x 75mm (2x3) stock except for the bottom plate which is 100mm x 100mm (4x4).

The bottom plate will need to be rebated. Refer to the drawing below for the dimensions.

Space the studs evenly along the frame ensuring there is one in the middle to take the plywood join.

Fix three rows of nogging. Measure and cut them as you go. Note that the rows are not in a straight line. They are staggered for ease of nailing.

The bottom plate rebate dimensions

Make up the frame on the ground and then pack it up (off the ground), level.
Fix the plywood sheets to the frame according to the plan on the previous page.
Trim off the top of the plywood 19mm (3/4") above the top of the top plate.

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This wall can now be used as a level working platform for making up the rest of the wall frames, the roof frame, the door, and the roof-windows.

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