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How to build a lean-to glasshouse

Step 4. Make up the rear wall

Make up the rear wall frame according to the plan on the previous page.

Draw a pattern of the rear frame on the working platform. Refer to the rear wall frame plan on the previous page and draw the shape of the wall in its entirety (perimeter, plates, studs, noggings) onto the working platform using a chalkline or a pencil and straight edge. You will then have a full size pattern.
Cut the individual pieces to the pattern and rebate and trench accordingly. Refer to 'HOW TO - Cut rebates and trenches' on page 16.

the bottom plates rebated and groovedrear wall wall studs laid out

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Don't spare the metal strapping when tying the plates together or the studs to the plates.
Take notice of where the studs sit in relation to the bottom plate as shown in the pictures below.

rear wall plate and stud fixing detailthe rear wall frame

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