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How to build a lean-to glasshouse

The size

The footprint (ground area) is slightly bigger than 2400 mm x 1800 mm (8ft x 6ft).

It is around 2400 mm (8ft) high along the high side and rakes down to 1500 mm (5ft) high along the low side.

You can get around inside it quite comfortably.

The structure of the thing

This glass house is a stand-alone, lean-to, relocatable structure.

Each of the walls and the roof are separate sections. They can be screwed together to make up the complete unit.
They can also be dismantled (unscrewed) should you wish to move.

At the bottom of each wall is a decay/rot resistant beam (the bottom plate) that sits directly on the ground and gives the wall 'anti-sagging' strength.
There are no footings or any permanent ground fixtures.

The back wall is a solid frame and plywood wall. You can fix things to it, hang things on it, or do what you want to it.

Each of the other three walls and the roof consist of a framework made up primarily of 50mm x 75mm (2x3) framing wood - the exception being the bottom horizontal wall plates which are 100mm x 100mm (4x4) stock, some of it doubled up to make 100mm x 200mm (4x8) plates.

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Glass is fitted between the framing members. The glass panes sit in rebated sections in the frame, and is held there with an adhesive sealant.
Alternatively, the glass can be held in place with a beading. The off-cuts from making the rebates can be used for the beading.

beading from frame rebate

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