14 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

Woodworking is not simply a practical (and a fun) hobby, it is a form of modern art, combining practicality with the quirkiest over-the-top designs. I bet none of the woodworking projects in this list are something that have come to your mind. A chair can be so much more than just a wooden chair and you wouldn’t even imagine what a fine art piece a simple table can be …

Well, it’s time to believe it as this list contains some of the most mesmerizing woodworking creations that you could find! Check out these crazy woodworking projects that are jedi-level awesome! Take these as a motivation next time you are creating something cool of wood yourself – who knows, it might just end up in this list.

1. Hear Me Roar!

Bring a bit of a jungle heart to your home, showcasing your books on a stylish lion-shaped wooden shelf. The level of detail with this one is crazy yet at the same time it’s practical and has so many different compartments you could easily lose your keys forever. A woodworking project like this combines excellent craftsmanship with high-quality engineering and planning. This is not a shelf you can do overnight and you can bet it’s a project for a skilled woodworker – a hammer and some nails will not do here.

The cool thing is, a similar design approach has been used for making all kinds of different jungle animals and why not get inspired by this and make your own little lion king! The key to success with this one is balancing the details and distributing the weight so it could carry heavy books with ease as well. Pay attention to securing the shelf with sturdy fastenings.

2. Edgiest Wooden Dresser In The World

strange wooden cupboard

To be honest, this little wooden cabinet reminds me more of a small fairy tale woodland creature than an actual drawer but the fun part is: while it looks creepily awesome, it’s practical and spacious thanks to wide drawers and nice flat surface. The characteristic standing out the most is the natural look of it due to the natural varnishing and carved trunk-shaped sides. I can almost imagine it growing leaves and branches….

If you’d like to replicate this idea easily, the easiest approach would be to take a strong tree trunk and do some heavy chiseling and carving! Though this particular cabinet is pretty big, you can always make some tiny ones, perhaps even color your bedroom wall green and it will always feel as if you stepped into a fairy tale forest!

3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…


…who’s the best woodworker of them all? Apparently the one who made this uber cool mirror frame! This design is not about complex woodworking techniques but rather about the creative approach it has – the frame consists of tiny wooden cross section pieces, all arranged to a perfect circle. Simplicity really is the winner sometimes!

The best part about this design is its’ DIY nature – any beginner woodworker can replicate the same mirror very easily. In fact, perhaps you have small, left-over branches and pieces somewhere which you can arrange in a similar way. Allow your creative freedom to guide you for making an unique and eyecatching wooden wall decoration like this one. Don’t forget to use woodworking glue for attaching the wooden cross section pieces since fastenings will not work well here – even specific finishing woodworking nails and screws will look clumsy or might split the tiny pieces.

4. Your iPhone’s Loyal Stallion


This is literally the cutest thing ever but it’s not simply adorable decoration but a very practical gadget supporting your phone – in fact, this is the kind of a phone stand I’d imagine every woodworker has beside his workbench!  This tiny wooden phone stand has a sturdy bottom and a nice gap allowing to hold your iPhone steadily. Imagine, you no longer need to search for hours to find your phone – it’s right there hanging out with that lovely wooden stud.

It’s yet another example of simplicity infused with creativity. The shape of the horse is not very complicated and after a while of experimenting, you could definitely make this yourself by using different chiseling tools. The biggest obstacle is the tiny size which will require special attention but other than that it’s a relatively easy project if you have the right woodworking tools handy.  Try it out yourself!

5. Coffee Table Inspired By Swiss Cheese

coffee table

This is the type of a table that will make you wonder if the woodworker just got leftover wood or he just didn’t have more material. Well, my friends, this is what fine wooden art looks like! At the same time it is pretty practical as well as the face of the table is covered and therefore you won’t need to worry about your cup falling through the table.

What makes this varnished table especially unique is the interesting coffee-cream coloring – the light middle part is a real eye-catcher while the traditional darker wood is there for decent support. Though it looks really quirky, at the same time it’s surprisingly modest and fits well to any living room! One way to approach this idea is to use an old table and attach some carved out branch-like pieces to the vintage table. The main part not to forget is the face of the table which will definitely need heavy finishing work. Get your sandpaper and wood varnish ready!

6. Heart-Stopping Wooden Lamps


I have to be honest with you, these lamps are my favorite in the list. Excellent geometry, outstanding engineering and overall brilliant carving work is the best example of woodworking project gone right. Soft light shining on the natural wood gives a cozy romantic feeling, not to even mention the heart-shaped carving. These lamps are simply brilliant!

The same layered woodworking technique could easily be used for any other shape so once you nail the technique you can call yourself a woodworking master! You’ll get the coolest result when using lighter wood with natural texture so don’t bother using colored varnish – it will be a real heart-stopper simply thanks to the unique carving, therefore I’d recommend to use a simple transparent glossy wood varnish which will let the light shine brightly.

7. Sit Back And Relax


Designs like these prove that wood has a strong place on art exhibitions. This lounge looks like it’s straight from an exhibition! Its’ soft curvy shape is at the same time both brilliant and very simple, though there’s nothing simple about making a similar wooden lounge. The inner carvings add a bit of quirkiness (and of course allow your cat to have another hiding spot) but it is clear this is made by the hands of an experienced woodworker.

You could be wondering right now if a wooden lounge like this could really be comfortable. Well, the trick here is the smooth shape which is carved exactly according to your back, supporting it in the best possible way. In contrary to soft couches, this one doesn’t bend or change its’ shape, therefore you can really let your body relax.

8. Knight In Wooden Armor

This is a great example of a “shut up and take my money” kind of a design. Tiny knight holding knives sturdily in his shield is beyond fun! At the same time it is one of the handiest and most practical wooden designs in this list as wood is long-lasting and this wooden knife stand can easily last in your kitchen for years! Talk about a long term investment!

If you are handy in woodwork and it doesn’t seem like much trouble to you replicating a similar knight by doing some heavier carving and chiseling, it’s a great gift idea for any humor-loving cooking enthusiast. Better yet, you can feel proud knowing it was made by you. Practical gifts never go old, especially gifts made of wood!

9. The Most Elegant Coffee Table In The World

elegant coffee table

I’ve always thought glass and wood are a match made in heaven. Well this woodworking dining table proves exactly what a marvelous match they are! Infused together to create one elegant, luxurious wooden table, this is the kind of a table that you see in celebrity houses! Believe it or not, you could actually make this yourself if you invest more time into learning woodworking.

The absolute coolest part about this table are the little round chairs which fit around the table like puzzle pieces. As it has a glass face and the wooden face is a bit lower, you have actually two levels you can use. This table is not just a pretty thing to have – it’s practical as well!

10. Your Cat Won’t Need A Cardboard Box Anymore


Don’t forget your pets either, wood is the best material to use for creating a comfy bed for your furry little four-legged friend. This tiny cat bed is created using similar woodworking technique as the wooden heart-shaped lamps in this list so you can see how versatile that technique can be. I am sure your cat will take this to be his new favorite box but this time it’s a simple wooden box instead of a plastic bag or a cardboard one.

Pay attention to the details – all carvings here are not the same size. To create a curvy look, the first oval triangles are a little smaller while the middle ones are all of the same size. Another recognizable feature is the tile with legs – see how it’s made in one piece, instead of adding the legs there later. That’s what I call woodworking in its’ finest!

11. Carved Into Time


The devil is really in the detail! This clock is beyond amazing – just imagine the hours the woodworker spent to make this unique piece … There are so many incredibly tiny details it gives a fine example for not only woodworkers but to clockmakers as well. The coolest part? It’s not just a fancy woodworking project, it’s an actual working wooden clock.

This is easily the greatest and most detailed project you could ever make – just look at those fine carvings, each of them complimenting the others. The supporting stand is not just a simple piece of wood either if to check the curvy carving on the side. Every single centimeter of this creation is done with extreme precision. Woodworking projects like these will make you want to dedicate more time into learning woodworking techniques!

12. Snow White Approves This Birdhouse

wooden dwarf

It never hurts to have a dwarf in your garden! Believe it or not, this is not just a funny wooden sculpture of Grumpy The Dwarf, it’s actually a birdhouse! While most of us are used to with good old four-walls-and-a-roof kind of a wooden birdhouse, this one is like the Hilton Hotel of birdhouses.

The level of detail is beyond what you could expect – this is a fine example of how powerful woodworking can be. It all starts from small things like picking out the material for the woodworking project – here, the materials are chosen very carefully to bring out the shadows and highlights of the beard and the hat part, all thanks to the wood grain direction! It’s not always just about carving, it all starts from making those tiny decisions.

13. Groovy Wooden Chair

wooden chair

This chair has its’ groove on more heavily than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Its’ streamlined shape with twists and turns has a seriously out-of-the-box kind of a design which at the same time stuns you with its’ simplicity and mesmerizes you since you can’t wrap your head around the thought of someone actually carving such an awesome and futuristic item out of a simple piece of wood! I bet the woodworker who made this is as groovy as his wooden chair project!

One thing is for sure – it’s not a woodworking project for beginners (even more experienced hand would be left in trouble) but the time and efforts put into making this artsy chair are well worth it. Perhaps this is the type of chair to go for with your next woodworking project? It would surely look stunning in your living room!

14. Step Up Your Office Game

wooden desk

There are 3 words to describe this desk set: it is floating! Okay, well in all seriousness, it’s actually sturdily attached to a wall but the imagery of a strong office desk looking like its’ appearing out of nowhere and simply floating in the air is way too cool! Besides being technically interesting example of fine woodworking, its’ overall smooth shape is so perfect it will hurt your eyes.

If you are handy woodworker, making similar desks and chairs is not that complicated at all. The key to keep in mind is giving all the details as much depth and roundness as possible, to the point where it will look almost ridiculous. That’s when you know you have hit the spot! It is sure though that having this setup in your office space will make you want to step up your work – almost like your too-cool-to-be-true desk is motivating you to get even better results.


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