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How to make a
Brick and Concrete Path
brick and concrete path
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How to make a brick and concrete path
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This project was inspired by the heap of spare bricks just lying around the place doing nothing.

"Why not make a brick and concrete path?" came a whisper from somewhere.

"After all, there's no path to the front steps but there are plenty of bricks."

Couldn't argue with that one.

Only thing was, a lot of the bricks were different sizes - both width and height as well as length. I didn't really want to spend forever sorting them out and cutting them.

The decision was made to lay them as they come, which meant there would be gaps between the bricks of varying sizes.
If un-uniformity is uniform it should look good!
Oh well! Here's to a rustic-looking brick and concrete path.

Anyway, regardless of what your bricks might be like, this is how to make a brick and concrete path.

The plan is for three tiers of bricks to go around the edge and for exposed aggregate concrete to go in the middle.

Because the bricks varied a little in size, it was decided to use a concrete bedding underneath. This made it a bit easier to make the tops of the bricks level, since a slightly higher brick could easily pushed into the concrete (while the concrete is still wet, of course).

Below is a plan drawing and there is a more in depth account and photos on successive pages.

plans of a brick and concrete path
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