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Making a shed floor
making a shed floor
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arrow Page one: Introduction - Floor plan
bullet Page two: The bearers and joists
bullet Page three: The floor boards
bullet Page four: Shed floor relocation
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This project is from the House and Property Makeover series.
Page one: Introduction - Floor plan

This article explains how a temporary floor was made for a galvanized steel shed.
We emphasize 'temporary' because the floor was not anchored to the ground in any way.

Although the floor was made for a specific shed and to a specific size, the same principals could be applied to other variations.

Below are the plans with construction explanations on the following pages.

The floor plan
The shed outside measurements were 2400mm (8ft) wide by 2700mm (9ft) long.
The shed inside measurements were 2350mm (7ft 10") wide by 2650mm (8ft 10") long.

The plan was to have the shed walls sitting directly on the joists with floor boards also sitting on the joists, but fitting inside the shed walls. See fig.2 below.
plan of a shed floor

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