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How to make a Kid's desk & seat


kids plywood desk

Simply cut, slot, and peg.

This Kid's desk uses a tongue, slot and wedge system to hold most of it together.

The desk frame is made up of interlocking 3/4"(18mm) thick plywood panels: spacer panels and side panels.

The spacer panels have tongues that go into slots in the side panels. The spacer and side panels are then locked together by wedges that are inserted into 'wedge slots' in the tongues of the spacer panels.

The desktop and seat are held in place with angle brackets that are screwed to the undersides of the desktop and seat, and the side panels.

Once made, the desk can easily be dismantled.

All the desk panels can be cut out of a 4ft x 4ft (1200mm x 1200mm) sheet of plywood, which is half of a standard size sheet.

Allie and Holly at a Kid's plywood desk

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You will need

1 only 4ft x 4ft (1200mm x 1200mm) sheet of 3/4"(18mm) thick plywood, which is half a standard size sheet.

You will also need 4 wedges that are 3/4" (18mm) wide and about 5" (125mm) long, tapering from 3/4" (18mm) down to nothing,
and 8 small angle brackets to fix the seat and desktop to the sides.

And some paint.

Picture below: The side panels, spacers, and wedges.

the pieces for a kids desk

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