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Kid's DIY Section
young wood workers
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how to make a scooter
this is the feet and inches version - go to the metric version
kids wood scooter
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the instructions

If all the holes are drilled in the right place, The scooter should be a piece of cake to assemble.
Please note:   If any of the parts or members you have obtained to use in this project vary in size from the parts listed, then adjustments may possibly be required to bolt lengths and other measurements.

1 Measure, cut, drill and lay out
Cut all the pieces of wood to the lengths as shown in the previous page. Carefully measure and mark the center of where all the holes are to be drilled. Next, drill the holes.

Note that there are two different hole sizes.
The holes for the axle bolts and for the bolts that fasten the runners [a] to the neck [c] are 1/2" holes. All the other holes are 1/4" diameter.

Lay all the pieces out on the floor.

  lay out the scooter parts

2 Assemble the handlebar
Bolt the two angle brackets [i] to the top of the steering upright [e]. Then bolt the handlebar [f] in place.

Use the picture for reference.

  lay out the scooter handle bar pieces

3 Assemble the front wheels
Assemble the front wheels using a 1/2" bolt as the axle. Place a washer on each side of each wheel and making sure that the axle assembly is loose enough to allow the wheels to turn freely, use two nuts tightened against each other to form 'lock nuts'.
This will ensure that the axle assembly does not vibrate loose with constant movement.

Also place two eye bolts in the appropriate holes in the steering upright [e].

  the scooter front wheel assembly

4 Assemble the platform frame
Bolt the two runners [a] to the neck [c].

Place the remaining two eye bolts in the appropriate holes in the neck [c].

  the scooter platform assembly

5 Add the deck
Fasten the deck [d] to the two runners [a] with 6 carriage/coach bolts.

Use the picture for reference.

  assemble the scooter platform

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