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Wooden Bucket Plans
wood bucket
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How to make a decorative Wooden Bucket

 Page 1: Introduction, material requirements, instructions
 Page 2: Instructions continued
 Page 3: User Comments/Photos
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Step five: Fix the copper strap

Nail the copper strap to the slats. See fig.5 below for positioning. Nail as closely as possible to the edges of the slats and pre-drill nail holes through the copper.

Once the copper strap has been fixed in place, take off the two marking sticks and discard them.

fix the copper strap to the bucket

form a circle Step six: Form a circle

Roll the slats in a circle and nail through the copper straps where they overlap (fig.6).

Note: If the gaps are the correct size the circle will be self forming. See the gap equation on previous page

make the bucket sides Place a temporary prop under the slat where the copper straps overlap prior to nailing to give support.
<<< see drawing

mark and cut the bucket base Step seven: Mark and cut the base

Stand the bucket on a piece of plywood and mark the base. See fig.7.

Remove the bucket and cut out the base with a jig-saw.

bucket base

fit the bottom of the bucket Step eight: Fit the base

On the inside of the bucket, hammer 18mm (3/4") staples halfway into every second slat 25mm (1") up from the bottom. Then sit the plywood base on top of the staples.

hammer staples into the side of the bucket

make the bucket handle Step nine: Add the handle

Drill handle holes (the thickness of the handle) through the copper strap and slat at the top of the bucket.

Drill slightly upwards from outside to inside.

Bend the handle to shape and then insert it through the holes.

finished wooden bucket All done!

If you make this bucket and wish to send us a photo and/or comment, please do so via the contact us page.

Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson
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