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Free Kid's
Castle Playhouse Plans
kid's play castle
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How to make
A Kid's Castle Playhouse
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bullet Page one: Introduction - The designer - Navigation tips
bullet Page two: Tools - Materials - Instructions
bullet Page three: Wall plans - Imperial (ft and inch) measurements
bullet Page four: Wall plans - Metric (mm) measurements
bullet Page five: Floor and roof plans - Imperial (ft and inch) measurements
bullet Page six: Floor and roof plans - Metric (mm) measurements
bullet Page seven: Lug and plug system detail


This castle playhouse is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing it to be put up at will then taken down and stored in a narrow space when the kids have finished playing in it at the day's end.

This castle playhouse is securely held together using a 'lug and plug system'.
The whole structure is made up of interlocking panels where rectangular projecting tongues (lugs) on some panels fit through corresponding slots (lug holes) in other panels.
Pegs (plugs) are then inserted into holes in the projecting tongues (lugs) wedging and locking the panels firmly together.
There is no need for any nails, screws or glue.

18mm (3/4") thick plywood and 18mm (3/4") diameter wood dowel are the only materials required to make the castle.

The whole project can be cut from four and a half sheets of 1200mm x 2400mm (4'X8') plywood and a 3000mm (10ft) length of 18mm (3/4") diameter wood dowel.

Construction is simply a matter of cutting all the pieces to plan and just fitting them together. The whole assembly process only takes about 10 minutes.

The castle when fully assembled with roof stands 2300mm (92") high, however the roof is optional and without the roof the overall height is 1400mm (56"). The castle covers an area of 1200mm (48") square.

The designer
Karel ( plum house designs) originally designed and built this Kid's Castle Playhouse some 5 years ago for his niece and nephew.

"The idea was to be able to assemble the castle when my niece and nephew visited and then disassemble it again for storage when they left. Hence the 'plug and lug' system. The pieces stacked against a wall in the garage take up very little space - 1200mm x 1200mm x 300mm (4'x4'x1')."

Karel currently designs and sells very affordable unconventional house plans. His website is www.plumdesign.ca/

We give thanks to plum house designs for allowing us to use their design, plans and images in the Buildeazy website.

Navigation tips and page info

Simply click on one of the red hyperlinks at the beginning of this article to go directly to that particular page. All the pages have the same 'hyperlinks' in the same place so you can skip back and forwards from page to page. The pages basically consist of the 'introduction' (this page), the 'tools - materials - instruction' page which also has images showing the order of assembly, and other pages that contain the plans.
There are two versions of the plans - imperial (ft and ins) and/or metric (millimeters). They are clearly defined.

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