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How to make a Hall Bench
hall bench or bed end bench
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How to make a Hall Bench or Bed End Bench. page:   1   2   3   4   5
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans
bullet Page two: Materials list - Tool requirements
bullet Page three: Instructions
bullet Page four: Instructions continued
bullet Page five: Instructions continued
bullet User Photos/Comments
bullet Making the padded seat

Materials list - Tool requirements

Materials list for Hall Bench frame and seat base.
NOTE 1: Some pieces below are given as 'approximate' lengths. They will need to be measured more precisely on the job.
NOTE 2: Total amounts given (where applicable) allow for a bit of wastage.
NOTE 3: The stock sizes given are the actual sizes; that is the finished size once the wood has been surfaced and dressed. These sizes may vary slightly from place to place.
NOTE 4: Use a wood type of your choice. Your local stockist will be able to advise you on the available woods suitable for this project. We chose pine for this particular project.

Item Wood Size Item Length Used For Total Amount
Allows for a bit of wastage
[a] 4 pieces 140mm x 45mm (1 1/2" x 5 1/2") 650mm (26") legs 2800mm (112")
[b] 2 pieces 65mm x 20mm (3/4" x 2 1/2") 1138mm (45 1/2") front and rear rails 2400mm (96")
[c] 2 pieces 65mm x 20mm (3/4" x 2 1/2") approximately 363mm (14 1/2") side rails 800mm (32")
[d] 8 pieces 25mm (1") diameter dowel (round wood) approximately 375mm (15") spacers 3100mm (124")
[e] 2 pieces 32mm x 20mm (3/4" x 1 1/4") 1138mm (45 1/2") front and rear seat support 2400mm (96")
[f] 1 piece 20mm (3/4") MDF board or plywood approximately 319mm x 1132mm (12 3/4" x 45 1/4") seat base  
[g] 1 piece card 650mm x 140mm (5 1/2" x 26") making leg pattern 2800mm (112")

You will also need a few wood screws to suit and some wood glue.

Materials list for seat padding.
bullet 50mm (2") thick foam approximately 319mm x 1132mm (12 3/4" x 45 1/4")
NOTE: A thinner piece of foam down to a minimum of 32mm (1 1/4") thick will also do.
bullet Cotton batting or polyester batting or similar fibrous material approximately 550mm x 1350mm (22" x 54")
bullet Calico, denim or similar, approximately 550mm x 1350mm (22" x 54") plus (optional) a piece to line the underside of the seat as well.
bullet Covering fabric approximately 550mm x 1350mm (22" x 54")
bullet Spray on glue

Tool requirements
Minimum tool requirements to make the Hall Bench are...
bullet Tape measure
bullet Screwdriver
bullet Pencil
bullet Hammer
bullet Square
bullet Electric drill
bullet Electric drill press
bullet 4mm (1/4") and 25mm (1") drill bits
bullet Circular saw
bullet Sand paper
Note: A band saw and chop saw would be make the job a little easier, but not essential.

Additional tool requirements for the upholstery
bullet Staple gun
bullet Fabric scissors
bullet Craft knife

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