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Kids easel project
kids easel

How to build a kids multipurpose easel
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Introduction and the parts list

This is a good example of a simple, easy-to-make kid's easel that can be used to accommodate a blackboard, a whiteboard, a clipboard and an artist's canvas.

The measurements throughout this projects are given in both millimeters and inches.
The metric measurements are given first, followed by the imperial measurements in brackets.

For this project you will need

Two pieces of 50mm x 25mm (1"x 2") wood, 1100mm (44") long.
One piece of 50mm x 25mm (1"x 2") wood, 900mm (36") long.
One piece of 50mm x 25mm (1"x 2") wood, 800mm (32") long.
One piece of 50mm x 25mm (1"x 2") wood, 600mm (24") long.
One piece of 150mm x 25mm (1"x 6") wood, 300mm (12") long.
One 150mm (6") T hinge
Thirteen 6mm (1/4") carriage bolts with nuts and washers: seven at 50mm (2") long and six at 30mm (1 1/4") long.
Three 25mm (1") long wood screws
A piece of strong thin rope.
Three plastic containers to hold the pencils, chalk etc.

See below for a drawing of all the pieces.

A bit about the wood size

The wood sizes referred to in this project are the nominal sizes. The nominal size of a piece of wood is the size (width and thickness) of the wood before it is dressed (surfaced, smooth, seasoned) and is the size generally referred to when purchasing from the lumber store. The actual size, or dressed size of the wood will be less than the nominal size. For example, a piece of 1"x 2" wood when dressed may be 3/4"x 1 1/2" actual size.
Sizes (widths and thicknesses) do vary from place to place but that will not have any impact on this project.

The easel pieces
easel pieces

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