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How to build a sturdy picnic table

BuildEazy has 11 different picnic table designs with plans and instructions. See them all »

A solid traditional type picnic table
A solid traditional type picnic table

a rectangular picnic table with seats along each side Navigation: You can jump to any page via the ' Table of Contents' menu on the right-hand side, or below if you are viewing through a mobile device.

Note: There is also a $5 downloadable option in clean copy and free of ads that can be purchased here


This is a decent size picnic table, which at a push can seat eight adults.
The table is 2000mm (80") long and the top is 800mm (32") wide, so there's plenty of room for a bit of food, too!
The complete unit is made out of 100mm x 50mm (2"x 4") wood,
we have also added a plan for an end frame template to make the project just that much easier.

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