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How to build an 8ft x 10ft Storage Shed

3. Wall-Frame Blocking

shed wall-frame blocking, standing and fixing the roof beam

Fix four evenly spaced rows of blocking between all the studs. This is best done while the wall frames are still lying on the ground.

The blocking gives the exterior vertical boards something substantial to be nailed to.

Use 90mm (3 1/2") galvanized nails for all framing.

4. Standing the Frames

Lift the four shed frames upright onto the floor and nail them together at the corners ensuring that the corners of the frames are flush.
Position the wall frames on the floor so that the outside edges of the bottom plates are flush with the outer edge of the floor.

Commence nailing the bottom plates to the floor beginning as close as possible to the corner studs at all four corners and then continuing the rest of the way along the plates but DO NOT NAIL the bottom plate in the door opening as that part is to be discarded.
Cut out the bottom plate in the door opening with a hand saw.

Make the walls plumb (vertical) and fix a 75mm x 25mm (1" x 3") brace to the inside of each wall running diagonally from top plate to bottom plate. The bracing is only temporary and can be discarded once the exterior cladding is on.

5. The Roof Beam

Cut and fix the two beam supports on top of (and in the middle of) the front and rear wall frame top plates. The roof beam can then be cut to length and fixed in place on top of the two beam supports.

Cut four end rafters as per the 'Rafter Detail' drawing and fix in place.

Make plumb and temporarily brace. See drawing.

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