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Storage Shed Project

storage shed
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How to build an 8'x10' Storage Shed

Author: Les Kenny
Page Contents
1: Introduction - disclaimer  you are on this page
2: About the measurements
3: Materials list
4: Plans - floor, roof and stud layout
5: Plans - front elevation and roof section
6: The floor and wall frames
7: Standing the frames and the roof beam
8:   The roof frame and the sheathing
9:   The roof trim and roof cover
10: The vertical boards and battens
11: Making the door
12: Installing the door
13: Nailing and fastening information
14: Glossary of terms
bullet User Photos/Comments

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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

A bit of copyright stuff

storage-shed project first print

I designed and drew up the plans for this basic storage shed in 2004. I first posted them online as a free plan on 26/June/04 in the BuildEazy (this) website.
These plans (in fact, the whole article) are copyright protected.
'Free plans' means you are allowed to use them to make a shed.
You may print or make copy of any part (or all) of this article including the plans for your personal use but you may not re-distribute or publish them (this content) in any form. What you do with the shed you make from these plans is your business. It is the article and plans that are copyright protected, not the structure (shed) that you make from the plans. If you see these plans on any other website, they should not be there, please let me know.
Websites with any permissions at all regarding BuildEazy content are listed here (there are very few).


storage-shed frame

This detailed shed plan-set is in both Standard and metric dimensions. There is more detail about the measurements on the next page.

The shed is built on skids, meaning that there are no footings or foundations and that the finished shed is able to be moved.

The wall cladding (siding) is board and batten and the roof cover is corrugated roofing iron over plywood sheathing.

Door plans, materials list, instructions, nailing information and a glossary of terms is also included.

Plan limitations

A building consent/permit may be required for the construction of this shed. Contact your local relevant Authority if in doubt.
These plans by themselves, can not be used as full documentation when applying for a building consent/permit, although in some instances they may be of assistance.

Help and back-up

Help or back-up regarding this project is limited to any help files or back-up pages found in the appropriate pages in the buildeazy website.
User input is always a good source of help. User comments/photos regarding this project can be seen at .
Any new help-files or user input will be posted on that page or directed to, from that page. Such files or pages are updated and added to as need be.
Any content (if any) that is published, will be at the discretion of the webmaster.


Although all due care is taken, no responsibility is accepted by Buildeazy for any wrongful information, omissions, or any other irregularities regarding any Buildeazy plan-set or Buildeazy article. This project is to be undertaken at the users own risk.
Buildeazy accepts no responsibility for any injury to any person occurring while using or undertaking this or any other project, either directly or indirectly.