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Novice Women Woodworkers

Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Preparation. Making a miter box Rose making a miter box

As this was Rose's first woodworking job and she had never used a power saw before, we decided to use just a hand saw. Although she had used a handsaw before, she was not all that good at doing exact cuts so we thought it would be best for her to have a miter box - a simple tool to guide the saw, making cross cuts easy, straight, and accurate.
So Rose made a miter box, which technically was really her first woodworking project - but that's another story.

Step 1. Cutting the pieces to length all the cut table wood pieces

Rose measured and marked a piece of wood and placed it in the miter box for cutting. As she is a beginner at this, she found that the box bounced around a bit with her sawing motion.
The fix?
Rose clamped the miter box to the work surface. This solved that problem and Rose was then able to cut all the pieces accurately and easily.

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