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Novice Women Woodworkers

Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Step 4. Fixing the first side board first side board of the table fixed

With the plan drawings in front of her, Rose fixed the first board (with only one screw at each top and bottom) to the top rail and footer of each side.

The side middle board for the table side is fixed in the center of the top rail and footer, whereas there is no middle board in the bench sides so the bench side boards are fixed to the sides of the center mark.

Rose figured that out with a bit of a plan study.

Step 5. Adding the other side boards the table and bench side boards added

She then added the rest of the vertical side boards but only fixed them with one screw top and bottom of each board.

The reason for only one screw top and bottom?

So the sides can be skewed if need be when checked to see if the vertical side boards are square with the top rails and footers.
In short, it allows movement until you are sure everything is square.

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