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Novice Women Woodworkers

Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Step 6. Fixing the side boards the table and bench side boards fixed

Using a set square, Rose checked to see that the vertical side boards were square with the top rails and footers.

Once confirmed (everything square), she put in the second screw top and bottom of every board.

That then locked the side boards in square position to the top rails and footers and stopped any possible skewing.

Step 7. Preparing the table & seat tops the kids table top

Rose placed all the table top boards together on the work surface ensuring all the ends were flush.
She then screwed a cross member (batten) across the middle of the boards.

She then measured in from each end and drew a pencil line across the boards that would determines the line where the screw holes would be drilled. The measurements and in the instructions.

She then proceeded to drill the screw holes according to plan. Rose seemed to be getting more confident as the job progresses.

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