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Novice Women Woodworkers

Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Step 8. Clamping the sides to the tops The table top and the table sides finished

Right, almost there. The table and bench tops are made, and the sides are made.

Rose then clamped the sides to the tops (everything in upside down mode at this stage) ensuring the screw holes in the tops aligned with the center of the top rails.

Then the table and bench were flipped upright and the tops screwed to the sides.

Step 9. Adding the braces table and bench braces

Finally, she added a brace to the table and a brace to the seat according to the instructions.
This called for a dab of glue as each brace is only held by one screw at each end, and we don't want any twisting, do we?




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