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How to build a wooden wishing well

Step 6. The handle and spindle

wishing well handle

Drill two holes in the extended palings (b) 800mm (31") up from the bottom. Make the hole size 35mm (1 3/8") or big enough so that the spindle (f) can easily go through it. We have chosen treated 25mm x 25mm (1x1) square timber for the spindle because it is more readily available and easier to obtain than treated doweling (round rod).

Make up two wooden washers (g), by drilling 35mm (1 3/8") holes in the center of blocks made up from two pieces of off-cuts 100x100mm x 25mmmm thick (4"x4"x1"thick). The outside edge of the washer can be rounded or just left square-shaped.

In a similar fashion make up the handle arm (h). Drill a 35mm (1 3/8") hole each end of a 50x25 (1x2) @ 180mm (7") long piece of lumber.

Now put it together. Thread the spindle (f) through the holes in the extended palings (b). Slide a washer (g) on at each end about 5mm (1/4") away from the extended palings (b) and then put a screw through each washer (g) fastening it to the spindle (f).

Next, slide the handle arm (h) along the spindle (f) until it is against a washer (g), and fasten to the spindle (f) with a screw. Cut off excess spindle (f) and use this as the handle which will also be fastened in the handle arm (h) with a screw.

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Note. No floor

This wishing well is sturdy enough to not require a floor. It can be used just as a garden ornament, planters can be placed inside it, or it can be placed over an existing plant.

Don't forget to throw a 5 cent coin in and make a wish!
Mmmmmm - Better make that 10 cents. Inflation you know.

All done. Eazy with a "Z"!

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