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How to make a Kid's Desk
Allie and Holly sitting at a kids desk
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Kid's Desk
bullet Page 1: Introduction and Plans
arrow Page 2: Cutting and assembling the desk
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Cutting and assembling the desk

Step 1. Cut the pieces.

Cut all the panels out of 3/4"(18mm) thick plywood to the dimensions given in the plans on the previous page. Then cut four wedges 3/4" (18mm) wide and about 5" (125mm) long, tapering from 3/4" (18mm) down to nothing.
To see how to cut all the panels from half a standard size sheet .click here

Using a drill and a jig-saw, cut out the slots in the side panels to the dimensions given in the plans.

Using a drill and a jig-saw, cut out the wedge slots in the tongues to the dimensions shown in the drawing below.

dimensions for the holes in the tongue

Step 2. Assemble the spacers and side panels.

Insert the tongues on the spacer panels into the slots in the side panels, and then insert the wedges into the wedge slots in the tongues to make secure.

Step 3. The desktop.

Put the desktop panel in place and fix it to the side panels with two angle brackets at each side. (This is best done with everything in the upside-down position.)

Fix the seat in the same way as you fixed the desktop.

angle bracket

Step 4. Finished.

All done but for the paint.
A good going over with paint is advisable, as it's then much easier to clean off pencil marks, chalk marks, crayon marks and all other inevitable marks.

The desk can easily be dismantled when it is not needed and stored away using minimal space.
the panels for a kids desk
assemble the side panels for a kids desk
fix the desktop to the kids desk
a childs desk

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User Photos/Comments about this project

kids plywood desk Dear BuildEazy,
I was looking over your site last month and came across the "kids desk" plans.
I thought it was an excellent design and since my son's birthdays were coming up... more and photos >>>
Sincerely, Sarah Adamo

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