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How to make
BBQ picnic table
This is the metric version
Click here for the ft and inch version

Note: For a larger version of this picnic table with detailed plans and instructions click here.
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Plans - Material list
below are the detailed plans and material list for every piece of timber needed to construct a bbq picnic table. There are no instructions for this one, as everything is pretty much self explanatory. Have fun.

Picnic table plans: End profile

bbq table end plans

Picnic table plans: Front profile

bbq table front plans

Picnic table plans: individual pieces
bbq table parts

Materials required
bullet90x35 treated pine. 22 meters required allowing for 10% waist. Cut the longer lengths first and the shorter lengths from the off cuts.
bullet8 only 10mm galvanized coach bolts 90mm long with nuts and washers.
bullet500gm (1/2 a kilo) bag of 75mm galvanized nails

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User comments

Thanks to BE for clear and simple guides to make this picnic table. I made it with one of my assistance last Sunday, start from 900 hrs finish at 1600 hrs. Made from used Rasamala wood more and photo >>   Soeparwan

Hi. I just wanted to let you or who ever supplied the BBQ table plans know that I have built a table and everything worked out to the "T", and your prices were quite accurate. Was a bit of fun. Keep it up.    Tony. Remuera

Thanks for the ideas from your page...I was able to build a wheelbarrow and BBQ table for mum just in time for mothers day.... Wonderful site to visit and lots of handy hints... Looking forward to more each month..   Debbie. Balclutha

Hi. A couple of months ago I wrote to say I was going to make your bbq table. I have made three and am going to make more (for all my relations). Thank you. H.B.   Howick

Great project! Wish I had found this before I made a fool of myself measuring the tables at rest areas! Within an hour of the first cut we were the proud owners of a great little BBQ table with no hassles or swearing. Thanks for putting the plans up - It's so nice to see information available where no fees are involved. Good luck with the site, you've earned it.    P.M. Northland

Thanks to your web site I have built this picnic table. See photo    Rick

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