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Guide to building a Shell only
Single Garage
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Page 2: Identifying the parts

garage parts
[a]    footing
[b]    post/pile
[c]    bottom plate / wall plate/sole plate
[d]    stud
[e]    trimmer / under stud
[f]    top plate
[g]    dwang / nogging / blocking
[h]    header/lintel
[i]    ridge board
[j]    rafter
[k]    ceiling joist
[l]    cleat
[m]    purlin
[o]    ribbon plate
[p]    sprocket
[s]    soffit / eaves lining
[t]    strap bracing
[u]    ribbon, wire or similar roof underlay support
[v]    roof underlay
[w]    roofing iron
[x]    wall cladding underlay
[y]    wall cladding / siding
[ba]    barge board / rake board
[fa]    fascia board
NOTE: see
  • Glossary of terms for meanings and interpretations

    bullet Page 1: Introduction
    bullet Page 2: Identifying the parts
    bullet Page 3: Flat plan
    bullet Page 4: The wall frames
    bullet Page 5: The roof
    bullet Page 6: Detail
    bullet Page 7: The eaves
    bullet Page 8: The exterior cladding
    bullet Page 9: The roof cladding
    bullet Page 10: The angle cuts
    bullet Page 11: Bracing and fastening
    bullet Page 12: Materials list
    bullet Page 13: Cutting list
    bullet Page 14: Glossary of terms
    bullet Page 15: A guide to building the garage

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