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Veggie / herb station
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How to make a Veggie / Herb Box     By Les Kenny
The box for a vegetable garden

Step 1. Make the box

Lay the two sides on even ground spread apart 3ft (900mm).

Nail the two end pieces (one each end) to the sides.

Use 2" (50mm) galvanized nails. Three at each corner.

The veggie box in position with stakes hammered in

Step 2. Position the box and stake it

Pick up the box frame and position it where you want your garden to be.
Place six stakes around the inside of the frame, one at each corner and one in the center along each side.

Hammer them into the ground as far as possible - ideally so that the top of each stake is flush with the top of the frame.

herb box stakes being cut off

Step 3. Trim the stakes

Sometimes (because of ground conditions) it may not be possible to hammer the stakes all the way in so they're flush with the top of the frame. Maybe parts of the ground are too hard.
In that case, once the stake is hammered in, if the top finishes above the top of the frame, then trim it off with a handsaw to make it flush.

The stakes clamped to the veggie box and nailed

Step 4. Clamp and fix the stakes

Clamp the stakes to the side of the frame to eliminate the 'spring/bounce effect' while you nail.

Nail through the frame into the stakes.

Use 2" (50mm) galvanized nails, four at each corner and two for each center stake.