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Veggie / herb station
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How to make a Veggie / Herb Box     By Les Kenny
plastic cover being stapled to the insides of the veggie box

Step 5. Cover the inner box with plastic

If you are using treated wood, staple plastic film to the inside of the frame.
The plastic will stop the poisons from the frame seeping into the soil.

A good source of plastic film is from plastic rubbish bags or maybe even from the bags that you buy the soil in.

soil being added to the veggie box

Step 6. Fill the box with garden soil

Fill the veggie/herb box with potting mix, garden soil or similar

The box will take approximately 9 cubic ft (240 litres) of soil.

The soil can generally be purchased in handy plastic bags of varying sizes.

veggies and herbs being planted in the veggie box

Step 7. Begin planting

Start planting.

Need some garden advice?
Garden centers in your own locality are always good places to seek planting advice as they are familiar with local conditions.

vegetabes growing in the veggie station

A while later

There you are.

Nothing like fresh home-grown vegetables or herbs.

Author: Les Kenny   Editor: Maree Anderson