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Making a Rope Swing
kids rope swing
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Rope Swing - A choice of three seats page:   1   2   3
bullet Page one: The supporting branch or beam
bullet Page two: Attaching the swing rope
bullet Page three: The swing seat
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log seat for a rope swing The log seat
This swing seat was made using two logs, each about 85mm (3 3/4") in diameter.
The logs were 700mm (28") long and the spacing between the ropes were 500mm (20").
The rope went down between the two logs, wrapped around the two logs once, threaded up between the two logs and tied with three half hitches.
Result: the seat looked esthetically pleasing in the garden but the kids didn't seem to like it all that much as it was definitely lacking in comfort and usability.

belt seat for a rope swing The belt seat
The belt seat was clipped into a snap hook at each side.

snap hook The snap hooks were tied to the rope with three half hitches.

The reason for the snap hook was so that different types of seats could be used and changed easily.

Result: smaller kids loved the belt seat.

a wood board seat for a rope swing The board seat
The board seat was made from a piece of 200mm x 50mm (2"x8") lumber 600mm (2ft) long. swing seat

A 10mm (3/8) hole was drilled 50mm (2") in from each end of the seat to accommodate 10mm (3/8") eye-bolts 200mm (8") long.

The eye-bolts were held in with nuts and 50mm (2") square washers were used both topside and underside of the seat.

Result: the eye-bolts alter the center of gravity of the seat and give it more stability.

All three seats served a different purpose.
The log seat looked good in the garden and adults liked sitting on it.

Kids under three years old seemed to prefer the belt seat while older kids through to adults seemed to prefer the board seat.

One thing's for sure...

The swing is nearly always being used!

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Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

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