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Folding Picnic Table Plans
picnic table and bench seat combination

How to make
A Folding Picnic Table
bullet Page one: Introduction & About the Lumber  |  User Comments/Photos
bullet Page two: Plans
bullet Page three: Identifying the parts
bullet Page three: Individual pieces & Materials List
bullet Page four: Instructions
bullet Page five: Instructions continued
bullet See pictures   -   See video at YouTube

Identifying the parts

This page shows first a drawing of the folding picnic table and bench seat complex with parts identification, followed by a drawing of all the individual pieces and a materials list.

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picnic table part identification

[a] Tabletop board
[b] Seat board
[c] Seat base brace
[d] Seat base end
[e] Arm support
[f] Arm

[g] Decorative fill
[h] Front leg
[i] Rear leg
[k] Tabletop support
[m] Strap hinge

Individual pieces
folding picnic table cutting list

Materials List - Altogether you will need....

bullet 7 meters (24ft) of 100x50 (2x4) stock suitable for exterior use.
bullet 20 meters (67ft) of 150x50 (2x6) stock suitable for exterior use.
bullet Two 200mm (8") strap hinges and screws to suit.
bullet Eight 10mm (3/8") galvanized carriage bolts 110mm (4 1/2") long.
bullet 150 wood screws 90mm (3 1/2") long. Suitable for exterior use.
bullet 40 galvanized nails 90mm (3 1/2") long.
bullet Eight 150mm (6") x 30mm (1 1/4') wide galvanized metal strap ties
bullet Two 10mm (3/8') thick x 150mm (6") long galvanized rod or wood dowel

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