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Folding Picnic Table Plans
picnic table and bench seat combination

How to make
A Folding Picnic Table
bullet Page one: Introduction & About the Lumber  |  User Comments/Photos
bullet Page two: Plans
bullet Page three: Identifying the parts
bullet Page three: Individual pieces & Materials List
bullet Page four: Instructions
bullet Page five: Instructions continued
bullet See pictures   -   See video at YouTube


This folding picnic table combination comprises of two separate bench seat units. Each bench seat unit has a back that can fold up to make a table. Both bench seat units can be fitted together to form a picnic table with seating for four adults and a couple of kids.

NOTE: The picnic table combination comprises of two separate bench seat units. Both units are similar but are not identical.
Throughout this project the bench seat units will be referred to as unit 1 and/or unit 2.

Step 1. Familiarize yourself
It is easier to take on a project if you're armed with a good understanding of exactly what is involved. This is best achieved by skimming through all the pages to get an overall 'feeling' for the project prior to commencing any practical work.

There are 'hyperlinked' page contents at the top on every page so it is easy to skip back and forward from page to page.

Step 2. Cut all the pieces
Cut all the individual lumber pieces to the lengths and shapes as shown in the individual pieces detail on page three. Begin by cutting the longest pieces first to minimize wastage.

Most of the pieces can be cut with a compound miter saw or even a circular saw but a jig-saw or similar will be needed to shape the arms [f], the tabletop supports [k] and the decorative fills [g]. The materials list and the individual piece sizes, lengths and shapes are on page three as well as all the part identifications.

picnic table seat base Step 3. Make the seat base
Make up the seat bases for units 1 & 2 as shown in the plans on page two and also as shown in fig.1.

Each base comprises of a brace piece [c] and two base end pieces [d].
The brace piece [c] for unit 1 is 1290mm (52") long and the brace piece [c] for unit 2 is 1400mm (56") long.

Pre-drill screw shank holes in the base end pieces [d] and then screw them to the ends of the brace piece [c].

Attach metal strap ties at all meetings to help prevent 'wobble'. See fig.1

NOTE: This complete plan-set can be purchased in downloadable PDF format free of advertising and print friendly for only $5. To purchase click here

picnic table seat boards Step 4. The seat boards
Place two seat boards [b] on each base. Position as shown in fig.2 and ensure that the overhangs at both ends of each board are equal.
Hold each board in place with a couple of nails and then screw the seat boards to the base with 90mm (3 1/2") wood screws through pre-drilled shank holes.

Step 5. The legs
Turn the seat units upside down. Position (see fig.2, fig.3 and/or the plans) and clamp the legs to the base ends [d]. Drill and bolt the legs to the base ends using one 10mm (3/8") galvanized carriage bolt for each leg. Further secure with three 90mm (3 1/2") screws for each leg.

Add a block [n] to the front face of the base brace [c] to give the front seat board [b] extra support. Fix the block to both the brace and the seat board.
attaching the picnic table legs

Step 6. Prepare the tabletop
Each pair of tabletop boards need to be fastened together in the middle to ensure that the seams stay flush.
This can be achieved by inserting a 10mm (3/8") galvanized rod or wood dowel into pre-drilled holes located centrally along the edge of each tabletop board. See fig.4

Take care when marking for the drill holes. Clamp two boards together back to back and square a line across the edges of the boards centrally from each end. Intersect the line with another line centrally from each face side.
In simple terms, ensure that the hole mark is in the middle of the edge of both boards.
Drill a 10mm (3/8") diameter hole 90mm (3 1/2") deep into the edge of both boards, insert the galvanized rod or wood dowel and tap the boards together.

join the picnic tabletop boards together

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