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How to make stilts

Step 4b. Footrest option #2
The footrests for option #2 are the same as in option #1 (shown on the previous page) except each footrest has ONLY ONE HOLE instead of two.
They also have a metal 'wrap around' plate which is a made out of a galvanized joist hanger that has had its angled sides made flat.
For each option #2 footrest use a 2" x 5" (50 mm x 125mm) galvanized joist hanger. If you can only purchase longer joist hangers, then cut to suit.
Straighten the sides as shown in the photos below.

brackets for the stilt footrest
Galvanized joist hangers before and after having their sides straightened.

It is then a matter of fixing the joist hangers to the top of the footrests. Wrap each joist hanger around a leg (loosely) and nail the sides of the joist hanger to the top of a footrest as shown in the photos below. Ensure that the footrest is able to slide with ease, up and down the stilt leg.

brackets fixed to the stilt footrest
Galvanized joist hanger fixed around a stilt footrest.

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