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2 piece convertible picnic table

Step 6. Prepare the tabletop

Each pair of tabletop boards need to be fastened together in the middle to ensure that the seams stay flush.
This can be achieved by inserting a 10 mm (3/8") galvanized rod or wood dowel into pre-drilled holes located centrally along the edge of each tabletop board. See fig.4

Take care when marking for the drill holes. Clamp two boards together back to back and square a line across the edges of the boards centrally from each end. Intersect the line with another line centrally from each face side.
In simple terms, ensure that the hole mark is in the middle of the edge of both boards.
Drill a 10 mm (3/8") diameter hole 90 mm (3 1/2") deep into the edge of both boards, insert the galvanized rod or wood dowel and tap the boards together.

join the picnic tabletop boards together

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Step 7. The tabletop and arm supports

picnic table assembly 1 Determine where to position the arm support [e] on the tabletop support [k].

To do this, hold the tabletop support [k] in position on the seat unit and then sit the arm support [e] level on top of a closed hinge. Hold the arm support [e] in position against the tabletop support [k].

Note: The hinge is not fixed in place at this time. It is just used as a packer to determine the correct height of the arm support [e].

Next, mark the position of the arm support [e] on the tabletop support [k].

The arm support [e] and the tabletop support [k] can now be taken to a work platform and fixed together with screws.
Make up a second pair in mirror image of the first.

You will then need to repeat the process for the second bench seat unit.

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