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2 piece convertible picnic table

Step 8. Fix the tabletop boards to the tabletop supports

picnic table assembly 2

Using the seat benches as work platforms, lay the tabletop supports [k] across the seat boards directly above, and in line with the base ends [d].

The tabletop supports [k] should then automatically be the right distance apart.

Position the tabletop boards [a] as shown in fig.6.
Ensure that the overhangs at both ends of the tabletop boards are equal and then screw the tabletop boards [a] to the tabletop supports [k] with 90mm (3 1/2") wood screws through pre-drilled holes.

Note: The spacings between the tabletop supports [k] for unit 1 will be different to that of unit 2.

When finished, the tabletop supports [k] on unit 1 must be able to fit between the tabletop supports [k] on unit 2. See the plans on page 7.

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Step 9. Join the table to the seat

Hold each tabletop assembly upright in position on their respective seat units and mark the positions of the arm supports [e] on the seat boards [b]. See fig.7a.

Fold the seat over to the table position. With the end of the arm supports [e] on the mark, prop the table level and then fit the hinges making sure that the hinge screws have maximum hold.

picnic table assembly 3

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