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2 piece convertible picnic table

Step 10. The arm

The length of the arm [f] is most important as it holds the tabletop on the same plane as the seat (i.e. level) when in the 'table position'.

Mark and cut each arm around their respective tabletop supports [k] and shape to suit. See the individual pieces on page 4.
The length of the arms [f] should be the distance between the tabletop boards [a] and the base ends [d] when the tabletop is level or on the same plane as the seats. See fig.8a.

Fold each seat back to the 'seat position' and screw the arms [f] to the arm supports [e] through pre-drilled shank holes. See fig.8b.

Finally, shape and screw a decorative fill [g] to the bottom of each tabletop support [k] and arm support [e].

picnic table assembly 4

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