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Guide to building a Shell only
Single Garage
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Page 10: The angle cuts

The angle cuts

rafter angles
rafter cuts
The roof frame members
These are the only frame members that require angle cuts.
Cut the roof frame members to the dimensions shown.

[j] rafter
100x50 (2x4) stock. Cut to dimensions shown. 16 lengths required.

[k] ceiling joist
150x50 (2x6) stock. Cut to dimensions shown. 8 lengths required.

[l] cleat
100x50 (2x4) stock. Cut to dimensions shown. 8 lengths required.

NOTE: Cut one set first (2 rafters, 1 cleat and 1 ceiling joist) and try for size and fit, before pre-cutting the entire roof frame.

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bullet Page 1: Introduction
bullet Page 2: Identifying the parts
bullet Page 3: Flat plan
bullet Page 4: The wall frames
bullet Page 5: The roof
bullet Page 6: Detail
bullet Page 7: The eaves
bullet Page 8: The exterior cladding
bullet Page 9: The roof cladding
bullet Page 10: The angle cuts
bullet Page 11: Bracing and fastening
bullet Page 12: Materials list
bullet Page 13: Cutting list
bullet Page 14: Glossary of terms
bullet Page 15: A guide to building the garage

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