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Guide to building a Shell only
Single Garage
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Page 15: A guide to building the garage

A guide to building the garage
This is not step-by-step instructions on 'how to build a garage' but rather a guide explaining the order of things and helpful references. From time to time the Buildeazy website displays and updates help files in the form of step-by-step instructions relevant to Buildeazy plans. To view a list of current help files, go to https://www.buildeazy.com/plans/helpfiles.html

NOTE 2: Regarding dimensions and sizes.
The dimensions are in both metric and standard (ft and ins). All metric references are in millimetres. In all references, the millimetre measurement precedes the standard measurement. The standard measurements are always denoted in parentheses( ). For example: "100x50 (2x4)". Here, the 100x50 are millimetres, the (2x4) are inches.

Lumber sizes generally referred to are nominal sizes and not usually actual sizes. The nominal size is the rough-sawn size of a piece of lumber, before the lumber is planed or dressed. The nominal size is usually greater than the actual dimension. e.g. 100x50 (2 x 4) actually equals 90x45 (1 1/2" x 3 1/2"). It is common practice to refer to a piece of 90x45 (1 1/2" x 3 1/2") lumber as 100x50 (2 x 4).

1 Building Consent/Permit: Obtain all necessary Local Authority and Building Code approvals.
2 Setting Out: Determine the position of the garage and "set-out" the BUILDING LINE using building PROFILES.
There is a detailed 'Help File' on erecting profiles at: https://www.buildeazy.com/plans/helpfiles_profile.html
3 Materials: Have all materials stacked appropriately on site. All LUMBER should be stacked clear of the ground and on an even platform.
4 Foundations: Mark FOOTINGS and dig holes. Pour concrete around and under POSTS/PILES. The POSTS/PILES can be either cut and placed at the correct height during the pouring of concrete, or placed over-height and cut to the correct height after the concrete has hardened. Take note of when inspections are required by your Local Authority. There is usually a FOOTING and position inspection required before any concrete can be poured.
5 The Frame: Make the garage frame. First the wall frame and then the roof frame including PURLINS. There is a detailed 'Help File' on how to make WALL FRAMES at https://www.buildeazy.com/plans/helpfiles_wallframes.html
6 Siding/Cladding: Fix the SIDING/CLADDING to the walls (over UNDERLAY)
7 Barge; Fascia and Eaves: Nail the RIBBON PLATE to the outside top of the wall against the CLADDING at DROP HEIGHT (see Glossary). Fix the SPROCKETS to the RIBBON PLATE and RAFTERS, fix the BARGE BOARD to the PURLINS over the CLADDING at each GABBLE end, fix the FASCIA BOARD to the SPROCKET Ends and RAFTER Ends and then fix the EAVES LINING to the underside of the SPROCKETS and RIBBON PLATE.
8 The Roof: Fix the roof (according to manufacturer's instructions) over UNDERLAY followed by the barge flashing and the ridge flashing.
9 Beading and Battens: Fix the BEADING to the underside of the EAVES and then fix the vertical BATTENS over every PLYWOOD join and at every corner. Other BATTENS can also be fixed intermediately for decorative purposes. You now have a Garage Shell!

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bullet Page 1: Introduction
bullet Page 2: Identifying the parts
bullet Page 3: Flat plan
bullet Page 4: The wall frames
bullet Page 5: The roof
bullet Page 6: Detail
bullet Page 7: The eaves
bullet Page 8: The exterior cladding
bullet Page 9: The roof cladding
bullet Page 10: The angle cuts
bullet Page 11: Bracing and fastening
bullet Page 12: Materials list
bullet Page 13: Cutting list
bullet Page 14: Glossary of terms
bullet Page 15: A guide to building the garage

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